Hey there! Thanks for checking out our podcast. Adam and Jessica started Lit These Days to share their love of reading with the world. Each week, they talk about the books they finished, the books they're currently reading, and they give book recommendations to their listeners. If you would like a personalized reading recommendation, click here. Scroll down to learn more about Adam and Jessica.



Jessica is an avid reader who writes sometimes. Her work has been published in Paha Review, Sledgehammer Lit, and Ice Lolly Review. She started her own literary magazine, The Mark Literary Review, in 2018. It ran for three years; you can still find online editions here.

She enjoys reading literary fiction, fantasy, romance, and books about marketing! By day, she works as a marketing coordinator for a real estate company right outside Minneapolis.



Adam is the editor-in-chief of the sometimes active Makeshift Press which reprints old books and the occasional sparkly fresh one. He co-edited Journey Press' Rediscovery: Science Fiction by Women (1958-1963). His fiction has appeared in The First Line and two volumes of Workers Write. His poetry has appeared elsewhere.


He lives in Virginia with his wife, two children, and two denizens of the underworld commonly referred to as "cats." He listens to entirely too much Sun Ra, and in his spare time, he teaches full time.